program executive office (peo) missiles and space (ms) contract

Team Agile is excited to announce our support of the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) through the PEO MS contract. We encourage you to explore this site to learn more about Agile Defense, our team, and the opportunities that are available to support PEO MS.

Building off of our successful support of similar DoD agile software development projects, Team Agile is eager to provide the PEO a fully modernized approach to automation, data/telecommunications, visual information and records management. Agile Defense has partnered with University of Alabama in Huntsville, B Technology, Offset Strategic Services, and Caelum to deliver innovative support to the PEO mission.

Whether you are supporting the OCIO today or a cleared IT professional eager to help our team, we encourage you to apply and join us at one of the many events we have scheduled below. We are eager to get to know you and answer any questions you may have.

What is PEO MS?

The mission is to provide centralized life cycle management, direction, guidance, and support for the acquisition, sustainment, maintainability, supportability, and implementation of the PEO, Information Mission Area (IMA). PEO MS is an approved Data Center providing hosting to multiple organizations, Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) throughout the US Army Acquisition community. The OCIO is responsible for providing IT support to PEO Head Quarters (HQ), 6 PM Offices, external Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine organizations, as well as, various foreign countries with cooperative agreements. Currently the OCIO supports approximately 2500 desktop users and 300
external users.

Meet Our Team

Attend an event at the below location to get to know our team! Please bring a copy of your resume, current pay stub, and certifications to enable us to quickly send you a matching salary offer letter in the near future. Please see below for more information.

Skye Stanley

Operations Manager – Agile Defense

Jamie Burkhardt

Operations Director – Agile Defense

Lester Charles

Strategic Programs Director – Agile Defense

Cassandra Collazo

Recruiting Team Lead – Agile Defense

Bilal Malik

Sr. Technical Recruiter – Agile Defense

Jeff Williams

Chief Operating Officer – OSS Team

Ally Casteel

Director of HR – OSS Team

Stephanie Miller

President – B Technology

James Rentz

Director – Caelum Research Corp.

The Westin Huntsville

6800 Governors W,
Huntsville, AL 35806

july 7th, 2021
11AM – 7:30PM CST


We will follow CDC recommended precautions, such as wearing masks, regularly sanitizing surfaces and work spaces, and social distancing, to help protect participants from exposure to COVID-19. Individual appointment options are available for this event.

Please e-mail and to schedule your individual appointment.